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Human driven technology for health care
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Our goal is to transform healthcare through technology, driving disease prevention over treatment

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Medical Intelligence Group is focused on combining medical research and technology in the drive to prevent disease and disease progression

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Marrying up software and hardware to deliver healthcare focused outcomes
The most recent exposure was Innovate UK awarding MIG a grant for

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Supporting the change

From 2 meters to 1 meter plus SPACER is being developed to work with these changes so that as the world adapts to a COVID-19 norm there will still be ways to keep safe

Medical Intelligence Group partners with Innovate UK

MIG secured a partnership with Innovate UK to further research the SPACER application, the goal isl help alert people if they are within 2 metres of each other which aids preventing the mode of transmission and breaking the chain of infection.SPACER dose NOT record any personal data and can be used completely anonymously or you create a login. We know that as nation we can beat COVID 19 and 'MORE SPACE MEANS MORE LIVES'

Medical Intelligence Group works on COVID-19 application

MIG is looking into creating a social distancing application to help the public stay safe and stay alert. The goal will be detect other mobile phones to give users an idea of how many devises they are in a close proximity to