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Combining AI and Healthcare

Medical Intelligence Group (MIG) has the goal to transform healthcare through the use of AI technology by driving disease prevention over treatment. Founded in 2020 on the core principles of providing patient centric systems that are cost effective and reliable,. MIG received backing from Innovate UK within its first 3 months, spring boarding our vison to provide preventative healthcare solutions.

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Three Pillars

MIG has a team dedicated to innovation. Exploring challenges in healthcare and new technologies to solve them. An example of this is using machine learning advances to go into prognosis outcomes in patients with co-morbidaties specific to diabetes
Innovation and research are vital however once validated a healthcare solution needs a strong implementation.
Regular re-assessment and improvement follows, flexible technology allows rapid deployment of such solutions
Testing any health innovation is key, both the patient and healthcare professionals play a vital role. MIG is currently collaborating with consultants in diabetes, developing trials to better validate the proposed solutions in the diabetic foot ulcer space.
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