SPACER is a free to use app for the public designed to help combat COVID-19 and encourage people to follow government guidelines. The SPACER application aims to empower the public and support the Government's social distancing rules through building awareness and motivates users to maintain 2 metre distance from someone else outside of their household. Utilising Bluetooth modules within mobile phones, the application will determine accurate distance between individuals. As well as showing daily reports, the application whitelists devices so members belonging in the same household do not receive alerts. The app will detect when a user has returned to their "home" Wi-Fi, notifying the user to wash their hands and wear masks. A key insights feature provides tips to cope with anxieties with a focus on well-being. MIG's SPACER application prides itself on not storing or using any user's personal data, reassuring users that the application is designed to broaden awareness and help people adhere to government guidelines during this difficult time. The goal is that it will help alert people if they are within 2 metres of each other which aids preventing the mode of transmission and breaking the chain of infection.